A date with a runaway Dalek beckons as Peter Capaldi becomes the twelfth Doctor Who

by Jeremy Miles

So Peter Capaldi it is then. A fine actor and no doubt a worthy twelfth Doctor Who. Judging by the media mania and twitter-storm that has greeted his appointment he’s a popular choice.  Though I have heard one voice of dissent. The editor of a certain magazine, on being informed that I would be updating a feature I have already written for the forthcoming  50th anniversary celebrations, was aghast to hear that Mr Capaldi was the bookies favourite. Two days before his anointment, she wailed: “By all that is good in the world – not Peter Capaldi – I will throw myself in front of a run away Dalek!”

I know not the cause of this distress or why the blameless and talented Mr Capaldi should provoke such ire but it strikes me that the rather drastic action she suggests would be counter-productive. For surely a damsel in distress under threat from a rampaging Dalek would be certain to be rescued…by Doctor Who!