Looking forward to the ancient Stones of Glastonbury

by Jeremy Miles

The Rolling Stones are said to be close to signing a deal to play this year’s Glastonbury Festival. According to that loose-tongued pal of all tabloid newspapers  Mr A Source, the band has been offered a slot – presumably as headliners – and simply have to sign on the dotted line to clinch the deal.

As is traditional in the historic world of the Stones, the band are keeping the festival and their fans waiting. Will they? Won’t they? Nail-biting has commenced. Those who believe it’s never going to happen cite Mick Jagger telling NME “There are other things in the world, you know, apart from Glastonbury!” and moaning about the fact it always seems to rain there.

The more optimistic Glasto-watchers point to the fact that in a possibly unguarded moment Keith Richards is said to have muttered that he’d love to play the festival. Yeah, yeah! Good cop/bad cop, the old showbiz tease. All it needs is a fat-cat manager with a big cigar and the picture would be complete. Of course the Stones are way beyond all that now. They are a huge business organisation.

So we wait to see. Personally I think the Stones, newly energised from the triumph of their 50th anniversary concerts,  will indeed bestride the famous Somerset stage this summer. After all ancient Stones and Glastonbury just seem so right for each other. Watch this space!