Going overground: The Jam commemorated… outside new Barratt Homes block

by Jeremy Miles

How strange life can be. I’ve just stumbled upon a news item from a local paper in Woking revealing that a commemorative sculpture to that town’s favourite musical sons, The Jam, now stands outside a new town centre development.

Apparently Jam fans travelled from all over the country to witness the £45,000  three pronged creation being unveiled by a bunch of corporate suits and guest of honour the band’s drummer Rick Buckler.

Eyeing up the  7.7 ton piece called The Space Between – Buckler diplomatically commented  “it’s quite striking”. The 20 foot high work carved from three oak trees with a chainsaw  by sculptor Richard Heys now stands outside a £250 million block of Barratt Homes flats.

In what way it is a tribute to The Jam seems a little uncertain. A vox pop by the paper brought some interesting responses to this new piece of public art: “I have to admit to being slightly underwhelmed” said one fan who had travelled from Dublin to see the piece.

Another commented:  “It’s just three logs really isn’t it?”  But a third, desperateto find some positive spin, added: “It shows there were three of them I suppose…”

Woking may be The Jam’s hometown but I believe it is also the place that inspired Paul Weller to write the song A Town Like Malice