Zephaniah enjoys a nice of cup of tea and reading Winnie the Pooh but One Direction fills him with dread

by Jeremy Miles

It was interesting to hear  poet Benjamin Zephaniah say that he’s never drunk tea or coffee. At least not before he was invited on BBC Radio 4″s I’ve Never Seen Star Wars. The programme’s host, comedian Marcus Brigstocke, asked  Zephaniah to break the non-habit of a lifetime and try a cup of each.

Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah

The format of the show is that each week a well known guest is invited into the studio and persuaded to try something they’ve never experienced before. Strangely the more normal the challenge the better.

Giving a vegan Rastafarian who says he normally drinks fruit juice a cup of good old rosie lee was just about perfect. Zephaniah really enjoyed it and awarded  the experience eight out of ten points. He wasn’t so keen on coffee though

Other new ventures for the Brummie poet included reading Winnie the Pooh which he loved, racing a Scalextric car which he found dull and listening to One Direction which he absolutely loathed.