Like Dame Judi millions of viewers hate TV drama ‘credit squeezing’

by Jeremy Miles


Dame Judi Dench

You’ve enjoyed a good drama on TV, spotted a familiar face that you can’t quite place but at the end of programme enlightenment is denied because the credits are boxed into a tiny corner of the screen and roll past at a million miles an hour.

Worse still you have to listen to some talking head banging on about the TV tosh that you don’t want to see next week.  Infuriating isn’t it?

Now we discover that Judi Dench pleaded with former BBC director general Mark Thompson to ditch the practice years ago.

According to The Stage Dame Judi wrote to Thompson as long ago as 2007 complaining about the practice known as “credit squeezing”.

We know her letter was acknowledged but credits continued to be squeezed. Now Actors union Equity has produced a report that shows that the majority of viewers agree with Dame Judi and the BBC are at last taking note.

They’ve promise to run  full ‘unsquished’ credits for at least one episode of every serial drama or comedy show. Well it’s a start. But frankly it’s not really good enough.

I prefer the stance of Sky which says it will completely abolish the practice after discovering that more than 70 per cent of its viewers think end credits are important.