One Direction’s Harry dumps country cutie after finding true love was not Taylor made

by Jeremy Miles

What do you expect if you go out with a country singer? One Direction pop moppet Harry Styles is said to be licking his wounds after splitting with his girlfriend American country star Taylor Swift.

The couple who got together in November have been providing the tablorrhoids  (they’re a pain in the backside ) with a feeding frenzy of tittle-tattle over the festive season.

But it seems their “intense” relationship simply could not stand the test of time and after just two months it’s all over.

Styles,18,  is reported to have given 23-year-old  Swift the elbow because she kept nagging him about other girls. The poor dears had a hum-dinger of a row while holidaying in the Caribbean.

Sounds like a cue for the lonesome blues and an evening crying into a beer or six. Not for Harry though.  He he did what any 18-year-old would do in that sutuation and promptly jetted off to Richard Branson’s private Necker Island and leapt into the nearest hot-tub where according to The Sun he was ‘comforted’ by blonde Bravo TV host Hermione Way.

It’s a tough life. When I was 18 I got chucked by a girl…in the local Wimpy Bar.