High Court injunction saves us all from having to see Ned Rocknroll’s party pics

by Jeremy Miles

He may have a daft name but that’s no reason for Kate Winslet’s new husband, Ned Rocknroll, to have his unedifying “partly naked” cavortings at a fancy dress party displayed to the nation.  Thankfully for us all Mr Rocknroll has won a high court gagging order stopping The Sun newspaper from publishing the pictures which were taken at a private family party in July 2010.

Rocknroll, the nephew of Richard Branson, married Winslet  in New York just before Christmas. His lawyers argued that if publication went ahead Miss Winslet’s children might be taunted and bullied. Well I suppose that’s a possibility but really the issue here is why on earth did the Sun think anyone would be remotely interested?

In court Rocknroll argued that there was no public interest in airing the pictures because he was a relative nobody. He was undoubtedly right. Why else would he have felt the need to change his name ? His original moniker Edward Abel Smith clearly wasn’t exciting enough. As for suggestions that he propelled himself into the public eye by marrying an A-list Hollywood actress? Surely that’s their business entirely.

One would have thought that in the current post-Leverson climate The Sun would realise that there are more important battles to fight than paying loads of money to lawyers just in the hope that they could publish a bunch of pictures no one wants to see. They will doubtless argue that it’s the thin end of the proverbial wedge. Yet it’s only because they got combative over the pictures that it ever went to court.

It might be argued that Ned Rocknroll cannot be that interesting or his esteemed uncle would not have arranged for him to leave the planet. It is reported that Sir Richard gave the happy couple a ticket into space as a wedding gift. I’m not sure if anyone said whether it was as a return or not.